All mission center large group gatherings have been canceled through August 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Camp Registration Information

Health Information: In accordance with state law, the Registration Form and the Health History Record included in the registration forms must be completed and on file for all campers. This includes a copy of the camper’s insurance card and immunization record.  Campers who do not have this documentation cannot be allowed to stay for the camping experience. Please be sure that all health information is complete. If you do not include copies of the insurance care and immunization record when completing the registration form, you must bring a copy to on-site registration. All information is required by the State of Michigan to be on file during camp. All medications sent to camp must be in their original containers with instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your camper requires accommodations such as additional attention, behavior supports, or physical assistance in order participate fully and be successful at camp, please share this information as early as possible with the camp director. This information is critical to adequately staffing the camp. Thank you for your cooperation! This allows us to provide a quality and safe program for your child. If the director does not receive information regarding specific needs of a camper, then that camper may not be able to attend camp due to Michigan camp staffing requirements.

Late Arrivals: It is the responsibility of a camper’s parent or guardian to make arrangements before the beginning of camp to admit the camper as a late arrival or arrange for an early pick-up. This can be done by e-mail or by telephone with the camp director.

Part-time Attendance: Some campers have desired to attend camp and to work a job, participate in school athletics or to take academic courses such as summer school or driver’s education. The camper needs to contact the camp director BEFORE camp to explain the specific situation. The camp director will decide whether part time attendance at camp will be allowed.

Donations: Youth camps are funded by the generosity of donors like you!  Please consider giving as much as you are able to support youth camp ministries.  It costs about $50 per child for each day of camp to provide housing, meals, activities, staff, and other needed supplies. Thus it costs about $300 for senior and junior high campers and about $200 for junior campers. You can bring cash or check to on-site check-in at camp, or donate online. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Those wishing to register for camp after June 1 will need to contact Winnie Johnston, Youth Camp Coordinator, to find out if space is available at the desired camp. Winnie can be reached by e-mail or by phone at (231) 340-1849. If registrations are still being accepted for the desired camp, then Winnie will provide the needed registration form.